Digital Photography “took my Kodachrome away” 🎵

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Do you remember slide film? Also known as ‘reversal’ or ‘transparency’ film, it was a color film that produced a positive image rather than a negative. You could usually recognize a slide film if the name ended in chrome—for example, Kodachrome, Ektachrome, or Fujichrome.

In 1973, Paul Simon wrote a…

What does that teach us?

Edward Steichen, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Art Wolfe (Canva collage)

How can you learn to be a better photographer? What are the most important talents to develop? Is having a good camera enough?

Here are 3 famous photographers who learned to paint before they learned photography.

Look for the lessons they learned and what it can teach us.

Edward Steichen

Edward Steichen

Lessons learned from an old camera

Photo by Alexei (other) from PxHere

When I was 14 yrs old, I discovered photography. I saw potential pictures of everyday things even though I didn’t have a camera. I would often say to my family, “Hey, if I had a camera, I would take a picture of that.”

I was visualizing pictures. I was practicing…

Beautiful article Derrick. I can totally relate. My favourite setup was my Nikon FM with MD-12 motor and 105mm f2.5 lens. There was a special excitement when the Kodachromes arrived in the mail, or I saw the image appear in the darkroom. Thanks!

Learn to see the picture without a camera first

Creative Commons by PixaBay

New cameras will not make you a worse photographer unless you’re confused by its amazing new technology. Then you might pay more attention to the camera than to the picture. That can happen and often does.

Unfortunately, there are so many new cameras with amazing features; we’re all left drooling…

It not all about the speed — It’s about finding your method

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I’ve always been a slow writer. It’s not so much that I write slowly, but it’s that I think a long time before writing my words. …

Jay Maisel, Joel Meyerowitz, and Ernst Haas awaken their senses — So can you.

Photographer standing beside tripod silhouette with yellow background
Photo by Zukiman Mohamad from Pexels

In the movie Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back, Luke meets Yoda to receive training as a Jedi Knight. At first, Yoda does not want to train him. He feels Luke is not ready yet. Why not? Listen to what Yoda said about Luke:

“I cannot teach him. The…

Knowing your “why” is fine for business, but unnecessary for the artist

Hands of a painter covered in colorful paint
Photo by Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

Many years ago I went through a creative period when I wrote at least one or two songs per day. I felt inspired. I had something inside that just had to come out and find expression. Have you ever felt that way?

Some of those songs were pretty good, and…

How you can be smarter than your smartphone. That’s the trick. There are so many settings and apps on your smartphone that it can be intimidating. Especially when you read…

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