It not all about the speed — It’s about finding your method

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I’ve always been a slow writer. It’s not so much that I write slowly, but it’s that I think a long time before writing my words. In fact, if I have an assignment or job that I need to do that requires writing, I’ll usually procrastinate until I feel the pressure to get it done quickly.

Lately, I’ve set the goal to write more often, and that usually requires writing faster, or I won’t get it done. So I’ve searched out some tips and tricks on how to write faster without sacrificing quality.

Do you want to write more quality…

Jay Maisel, Joel Meyerowitz, and Ernst Haas awaken their senses — So can you.

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In the movie Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back, Luke meets Yoda to receive training as a Jedi Knight. At first, Yoda does not want to train him. He feels Luke is not ready yet. Why not? Listen to what Yoda said about Luke:

“I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience”

“This one, a long time have I watched. All his life as he looked away to the future. To the horizon. Never his mind on where he was, what he was doing

To be a Jedi Knight, Luke had to learn to be “in the moment”…

Knowing your “why” is fine for business, but unnecessary for the artist

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Many years ago I went through a creative period when I wrote at least one or two songs per day. I felt inspired. I had something inside that just had to come out and find expression. Have you ever felt that way?

Some of those songs were pretty good, and some of them just so so, but they were still my babies. I recorded at least rough tracks so I wouldn’t forget them. That was a prolific time for me, but also an emotional time. My music was a way for me to funnel deep feelings into some kind of…

How you can be smarter than your smartphone. That’s the trick. There are so many settings and apps on your smartphone that it can be intimidating. Especially when you read…

You can get the job, but can you do the job?

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The first time they promoted me to management was a bit of a shock. I suddenly felt alone. I was working for the same company and in the same department, but everything was different. I was suddenly in charge of the department and my fellow workers became my responsibility.

Have you ever reached a goal and then felt unsure of yourself? Maybe you’ve worked for a company for many years and you’re finally recognized for your contribution.

“Promotion Anxiety” is the feeling you get when you finally get the promotion you’ve been waiting for, and it scares you to death…

Keep it simple | Memorable | Effective

Numbers 1, 2, 3, with yellow, blue and red lines
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Have you noticed how often we see the Power of Three?

Repeatedly we see important things listed in groups of three. Why? It’s easier to remember.

Here are 3 examples:

  • “Friends, Romans, Countrymen…”
  • “Location, location, location”
  • “Stop, Look, and Listen”

I’m sure you can think of more lists of 3. They’re all around us.

You can use the same Power of Three to help you stay focused and improve your general well-being and mental health.

Keep it simple

“It is those who concentrate on but one thing at a time who advance in this world.” — Og Mandino

Do 3 things — One…

“All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul” — Robin Williams

Chad J. McNeeley, U.S. Navy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The news that Robin Williams, our beloved comedian and Academy Award-winning actor, had committed suicide shocked the world.

How could he take his own life? He brought so many smiles to people and warmed our hearts in his dramatic movie roles.

Robin Williams was hiding his depression from the world. While the rest of us could only see the smiles, behind closed doors he was deeply depressed. His depression worsened when he heard a medical report. He had an advanced form of Lewy Body disease, causing memory loss, paranoia and delusions. …

And what you can learn from them

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The best photographers have a process. A workflow. They’ve developed habits that enable them to produce consistently high-quality pictures, almost every time. Some of those habits may seem a bit unusual to the rest of us.

What can you learn by examining the habits and processes of the world’s best photographers?

Consider the principles behind their habits and develop your own useful photography habits. This will enable you to get consistently better pictures and enjoy the art of photography more.

Listed here are 5 very different photographers. Each with unusual habits that you can learn from. …

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You will learn how to use your camera to produce better pictures, regardless of what camera you own.

“Photography is about the image, not the tool”

You don’t have to buy a new camera to take better pictures.

If you do buy a new camera, you need to learn how to use it well.

That is the aim of this publication.

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If you read and develop these habits, your photography will improve.

I look forward to sharing with you…

Gary McBrine

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